R&D - special projects

Ready Teknoloji Hizmetleri A.Ş. in our R&D office located in Teknopoark Istanbul. We continue our R&D activities unceasingly in order to produce technologies for the future and to move our country and all our stakeholders forward in the field of technology.


Facility Management and Asset Tracking

Along with the changing business life, facilities are now expected to be more flexible and dynamic.
In addition to following the life cycles of the facility and the equipment in it, it also monitors its instantaneous status; it can provide instant information to those in the facility; We make office, co-working space or hotel meeting rooms more efficient and functional.
E-Paper, QR Code, RFID, BLE, NFC technologies are used.

Industrial Solutions

Production Planning

We plan to use the resources in an optimized way at the right time by bringing together all the components of production.
No matter how complex your production processes are, we enable you to plan which product you will produce and when you can make it ready for shipment in a way that is controlled by raw material, machine capacity and workforce capacity, and you report realization performances.
By being integrated with MES and WMS systems, we offer the opportunity to instantly monitor where you are in the plan, generate automatic alarms and make quick revisions according to changing conditions.

Healthcare Solutions

Nuclear Medical Solutions

Products used in the field of Nuclear Medicine for diagnosis and treatment have a very short lifespan from production to application. The product leaving the central production site should be delivered to the place of use as soon as possible in accordance with the special transport conditions. Similarly, instead of the traditional approach of “one-size-fits-all” medicine, a different process is used from the traditional production and distribution methods in the application of a personalized treatment approach -theraneustic.
The solution we have prepared allows to follow and manage the unique structure of these processes from end to end.


Grab&Go Smart Kiosk

Servo Kiosk is a smart grab&go fridge that enables unattended and checkout-free sales of fresh food with an easy and fun user experience. 
It is very easy to shop at the kiosk. After logging into the mobile application, the door is unlocked with one click. You look, examine and take what you want from the shelf. It can also be multiple products!
When you close the door, the amount is automatically calculated and charged to your registered credit card. Our system knows what you’re getting.
This system, which was first used by a third party under their own brand, was later operated directly by Servo in different offices in Istanbul under the name of Taze Dolapp and reached thousands of satisfied customers.
The ServoKiosk project was incorporated as a spin-off, received acceptance from many important accelerator programs in the world, and received a pre-seed investment from an early-stage investment fund.
For more information, you can visit www.servokiosk.com

Healthcare Solutions


We offer a platform that provides decision support to doctors by performing image processing, machine learning and pattern recognition from the digital outputs of the indirect immunofluorescence method used in the diagnosis of autoimmune diseases.

Healthcare Solutions

Tender Management System

It is an application developed to manage the pricing, approval, tender and order processes, starting with the active substance-product matching of the tender specifications for the bulk purchase of Pharmaceuticals and Medical Supplies.